Transformation of electricity supplier of industrial ceramic enterprises

Issuing time:2017-09-07 00:00

Industrial ceramics, that is, ceramics for industrial production and industrial products. It is a kind of fine ceramics, which can exert mechanical, thermal and chemical functions in application. Because the industrial ceramic has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, erosion resistance and a series of advantages, can replace the metal materials and organic polymer materials for harsh environment, has become an important material for the transformation of traditional industries, emerging industries and high-tech essential technology, has very broad application prospects in aerospace, energy aviation, automobile, machinery, electronics, chemical and other fields.

With the expansion of the market demand for industrial ceramics, and in recent years, all walks of life in the field of electricity supplier development, many industrial ceramics enterprises are also moving towards electricity supplier transformation. Take Pingxiang "Chinese industrial ceramics are one of the enterprises, Jiangxi Province, Pingxiang Tianma Industrial Ceramics Co. Ltd is a company in the city of Pingxiang has formed the industrial agglomeration in ceramic ceramics, chemical filler (ceramic, metal, plastics, environmental protection and other media products) and anticorrosion construction of one of the industrial enterprises.

Products are widely used in chemical, sulfuric acid, smelting, electricity, petrochemical, environmental protection and other fields, and has good performance and strength, has repeatedly received the "customer satisfaction products" honorary title. But this year, Ma joined the industrial ceramic ceramic industry ceramic industry network B2B website China this professional, officially became a part of China industrial ceramics industry network, the transition to the electricity supplier of the road was a big step forward.

China industrial ceramics industry, is a subdivision of the industrial ceramic product classification, grade and origin, it also includes products, special purchasing, brand agents, corporate members, information and business functions. And in the face of all kinds of electronic business platform now, many enterprises will not know what kind of way to be more effective, comprehensive and diversified to promote their own enterprises.

Industry ceramics into the electricity supplier industry is the inevitable trend in the future, so industrial ceramics enterprises must carry out accurate network promotion as soon as possible, take the initiative to attack, as soon as possible to find out suitable for enterprise marketing. At the same time, industrial ceramics belongs to the promotion of traditional industries must be diversified, traditional channels and Internet channels can complement each other and complement each other, and also do a good job of customer service service, only in this way, network marketing companies can gradually mature, continue to achieve better sales performance. Always, the buyers favor industrial ceramic products of good quality and good reputation of the enterprise, and our China industrial ceramics industry network is chosen to build such a shopping platform for buyers and sellers on this basis. Direct connection between the buyers and sellers to reduce intermediate links and bring the third party intermediary costs, better promote the development of ceramic industry enterprises, driven by industrial ceramic enterprises have the potential to have the strength, to enliven the market economy.