2018 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition, what you want is here

Issuing time:2017-09-05 00:00

China Ceramics network 2016 Guangzhou ceramic industry exhibition is still in full swing, our organizers have been eager to tell you, in 2018, you can not think of the wonderful.

In 2018, we will add three modules and five galleries, respectively:

I. high performance ceramic exhibition area

It mainly includes structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, high temperature ceramics, optical ceramics, biomedical ceramics and so on.

Two 、 ceramic intelligent manufacturing and robot exhibition area

It mainly includes industrial robot, local machine, robot development platform and software, electromechanical component and auxiliary equipment, man-machine interface device, micro system technology, industry 4 intelligent factory overall solution and so on.

Three, ceramic boutique exhibition area

 May 30, 2018 - June 2nd, Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall, wonderful, waiting for you to find!