Development status of ceramic industry in China in 2014-2018 years and analysis of ceramic industry

Issuing time:2017-09-03 00:00

Ceramic production in China has a long history, after a long period of development, the manufacturing process has been continuously developed. Especially in the past twenty years, adjust the structure of ceramic products, to meet the domestic consumer demand, and with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, the scope of application in life is more and more widely. At the same time, China's total export of ceramic products is fully promoted. Daily-use ceramics, building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, art ceramics exports gratifying scene full of rosy. Although the world is now facing the shadow of the financial crisis, the export of Chinese ceramics is also facing severe negative impact, but overall, the economic strength of China's ceramic industry continues to grow.

In recent years, China's ceramic industry has significantly improved the level of technology. Large scale energy-efficient kilns, polished tiles and large specifications of building ceramic sheet production technology reached the world advanced level, water-saving sanitary ceramics production technology has been improved and promoted. The industrial structure is obviously optimized, and the product structure is dominated by middle and low levels, and develops to high and low levels to meet different levels of consumer demand. The development of industrial clusters, forming a 30 distinctive ceramic producing areas in central and western regions, the rapid rise of ceramic production. A large number of powerful enterprises have been growing rapidly, speeding up the pace of international integration.

Economic and social development has put forward new requirements for ceramic industry. Energy saving and emission reduction has been related to the survival and development of the ceramic industry. The cost of labor, land, resources and other factors increased, and the extensive development model was difficult to follow. In recent years, China's ceramic industry in the international market status has improved, but with the rise of international trade protectionism, may also bring new challenges to international trade. Domestic ceramic enterprises must speed up structural adjustment, technological progress, and actively respond to the new situation in the market.

During the "12th Five-Year" period, urbanization and new rural construction will provide a steady growth for the ceramic industry. Residential, public buildings and infrastructure construction, especially in the new countryside and the rapid development of urban and rural construction in the central and western regions, have a greater demand for ceramic products.

A large number of data related publications building materials network according to the National Bureau of statistics, Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of customs, the State Council Development Research Center, the national economic information center, Chinese Ceramic Industry Association, Chinese Building Materials Industry Association, Chinese real estate industry associations at home and abroad, the basic information and the ceramic industry research institutions published and provided the combination thorough market survey data, based on the overall development trend of world ceramic industry, China ceramic industry development, economic data, market segmentation, marketing, import and export, competition pattern are analyzed and predicted, discussed and judged and the overall environment and development trend of the future development of ceramic industry, foundation finally, in front of a large number of analysis, forecasting, research the development of ceramic industry in the future and investment strategy.

Hope for ceramic production, trade, distribution and other business insight in the fierce competition in the market opportunities, adjust the management strategy according to the market demand, as a strategic investor to choose the appropriate investment opportunity and the leadership of the company to do strategic planning to provide accurate information and scientific basis for decision making.